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Jodi Frizzel

Hey There 

I am a hair & beauty business mentor, results coach & freedom facilitator with good intentions & BIG dreams. I am on my own adventure to do business a new way. 

                       sunshine, the ocean, mexican food, touch footie, yoga & travelling. I carry a bucket list in my wallet that I wrote in 1999, ALOT has been ticked off but I do keep adding haha... I'm living in the beautiful small town of Nelson Bay on the East Coast of Australia, day dreaming of hitting the road in a coaster bus... 42 laps around the sun. 

I'm Jodi!

In fact my dream was to be a counsellor or a teacher. I chose teaching. After patchy casual teaching work for a year & a half I decided I wanted to take charge of my future & bought the beauty salon I had worked in throughout uni. Go figure, beauty therapy is basically counselling, right?  
Starting solo, I dug my teeth into my new salon business & it began to grow super quickly, I was learning on my feet!

I almost didn't end up in the beauty industry!

Obsessed with

Launched Hair & Beauty Business

Sold Business For Top Dollar!

NLP Practitioner
Results Coach
HAppiness At Work Coach

Diploma Beauty Therapy
Bachelor Education
Bachelor Arts
Trainer & Assessor
Australian Touch Football Representative

scaled from solo to Magic Million Salon
Team of 18

I grew my hair & beauty business to a team of 18, successfully played out an exit strategy, took time out to unlearn 'business productive' but 'self destructive' patterns. Now I own a collective beauty salon & I am happier & richer than ever!
Walk your own path!  

My Adventure..

okay, i totally wanna chat!

"Jodi came on board when we were in concept mode, her guidance in the planning stage was vital! Her enthusiasm & passion is contagious!"

- Andrea.
Startup Business launched 2020

okay, i totally wanna chat!

I have no words for our hour and a half chat. I am so freaking excited to have your guidance and coaching through the future. Thank you so much for everything already. I am so excited and feel so much lighter already. I haven't had a clear mind like this for as long as I can remember!

- Bonnie .m
Salon Entrenpreneur & Makeup Artist

Moving to bigger premises every 3rd year to accommodate demand became normal for me. With the growth came the late nights, salon fit outs, growing the team, becoming a marketing expert to get more clients to fill the books, entering competitions, more education & training, business awards... blah blah stress more blah..
During these years I learnt a shitload about business, systems, people, culture, leadership & the salon industry. Somewhere amongst all that forgot who "I" was, the business became my identity. After selling in 2019 I suffered some post business depression but this brought with it some amazing breakthroughs. This entire journey up to now is what gives me the momentum to spread my message: you can be committed but stay unattached to your business it is not an indication of your worth. Nurturing your inner game is the most important thing you can do for your own freedom.  Do you & make your business the adventure YOU dreamed of not what you think you "should" do.      

My salon was growing year on year & so came the freight train of business! 

When business was a machine. Not an Adventure!

Are you ready to leave the safety of the edge?




My business evolved into mentoring & coaching when I found myself naturally helping others in the hair & beauty industry with their business after selling my salon. I have always been someone that people naturally trust, I love connecting with people on a deeper level, hearing the real shit beyond the highlights reel. What I know is that we all have good intentions & all the resources we need to move towards positive change, but sometimes we can get stuck & this is where the suffering occurs. I took myself off to learn about how I can use my own experience in business & life to help others. 1000's of hours of study & self development later BOOM! I launched my coaching business.  
Everyday I am melting my experience in business, past & present, with my own self development journey to help women "in" business, "recovering" from business & "shifting" within business to align with what feels successful & true for them.

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